Falsetto sounds from Cape Town, listen close with your clothes off.

The Plastics are an Indie Retro Rock band. Words to describe their music, experiences and work ethic include ‘innovative’, ‘Earl Grey’, ‘guerrilla’, ‘disco SOMETHING’, ‘retro rock’ and ‘melodic’, amongst others. The Plastics are on a journey and a mission to make you have fun and dance. The Plastics are here to change the game.

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Year of the Snake

The Plastics will be spending most of 2013 exploring. We are in process of planning at least 7 tours around South Africa, as well as exploring new sounds and writing a bunch of new songs with new instruments and recording techniques.

In April We will be reuniting with our guitarist Arjuna who has been away in Berlin for close to 9 months. We plan to release music videos and singles off Pyramid for most of the year and will be exploring these creative mediums with the help of many talented individuals and artists.

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Since The Plastics inception in 2008 the band have released three musical offerings.

A Double Ep Entitled “Kiss The Plastics” (2009), a Debut Album produced by internationally renowned lo-fi wonder producer Gordon Raphael called “Shark” (2010) and most recently a Sophomore Album Entitled “Pyramid” (2012) produced by first time producer and mix wizard Shai Hirschson.

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Pyramid is The Plastics sophomore album. The album was released at the beginning of October 2012 and was produced by Shai Hirschson and The Plastics, featuring 10 new original songs as well as a unique art concept and a songbook style inlay.

The Plastics have released 3 singles off the album: Stereo Kids, Best Pretenders and Occasional Lies. All 3 songs have charted well on the 5fm Top 40 and received extensive national radio play. Pyramid is the summation of a long creative process of song writing and experimentation spanning over 16 months. It is the band’s most sculpted record to date and an effort they are extremely proud of.

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Best Pretenders Music Video

Best Pretenders, The Plastics second music video off Pyramid was directed by Daniel Morcos of Andover productions.

The video was produced by Christy Giesler & The Morcos Brothers and features animation by Sea Monster. The concept is an exploration of the imaginary world inside a child’s mind and incorporates some beautiful and unique creatures created exclusively for the video by Sea Monster. The video was released at the end of 2012 as part of the MK MVPs, and recently reached nr. 1 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart, where it stayed for two weeks in a row. The Best Pretenders single also reached nr. 8 on the 5FM Top 40.

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The idea behind Pyramid

Pyramid Jam / Thursday 16 August 2012

For the creation of the artwork for the Plastics second album “Pyramid” the band invited 17 of Cape Town’s top and upcoming designers, illustrators and creatives to an Art Happening in which all the artwork for their album cover and booklet was created during one 10 hour event.
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